'Our mission is to transform and enhance individual as well as corporate vision into an extraordinary, sensory stimulating, creative experience using every available resource and platform. '

A competitive advantage is the goal of every business.  Through strategic management principles and innovative marketing tools, we provide the mechanisms to move your business forward.  We conduct extensive market research and have a strong  understanding of trends both on an individual and corporate level.


Hotmess Media was founded in 2010, with a extraordinary vision to change the landscape of digital and print media by providing a unique, innovative and personalized service strategically aligned to the needs of its clients.  Our talented team   are all round creative thinkers with experience in marketing, legal, environmental, financial, human resources, compliance as well as strategic business management.  This enables us to bring to the table a multidimensional approach to all our projects.  We incorporate our team's collective and valuable experience and implement a strategically comprehensive approach to ensure that our services are fluid and functional


In a fast paced ever changing business world  it is essential to have a partner who not only understands your needs but provides you with a complete digital & print media service that is innovative and can be integrated and aligned to your specific objectives.


We look at the bigger picture and understand that our services need to engage audiences, grow businesses and ultimately create a competitive advantage for our clients.  Our vision is built on our passion to create and inspire through avant-garde creative thinking and strategies.   We strive to provide the best service and ensure that we exceed our clients' expectations.  Our services cater to both business and individual needs.